Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moses on the Today Show!

Check out this report the Today Show did on Moses!

Click here to watch.


  1. And now Moses has really hit the big time by appearing on Lolcats. Thank you for taking care of this adorable kitty :)

  2. He is such a cutie. You guys are awesome to take care of him so lovingly. When we first got our cat at about 6weeks old he too became best buds with our dog an Old English Sheepdog.

    1. Diego, Kuwaitie, Shorty, Charlie(girl),

      A house full of rescues and love, our mommie and daddy have had us all since we were babies! Diego is our Nana, he cleaned and watched over all of us from the time we came here till now. Kuwaitie is from Kuwait, he has the coat of a Persian Angora, and the true temprement of an Arab Sheike. Shorty is, well Shorty. Spokesman for the group announcing treats and meals. Charlie, the baby, fooled mom and dad into believing she was "one of the guys" until mother nature started her cycles that mommy got stopped at the Vet. These are the residents here that have human staff. Thanks for asking, Dad